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Cesspool System FAQ & Information

What is a cesspool?

A cesspool is an underground drainage area, designed to slowly leach waste water into the ground. Excessive solid or sludge build up will clog the sand bottoms and cause a cesspool system to fail as shown in picture below (right). Cesspool and septic system users should have a maintenance program to help protect their property and keep their systems working at peak efficiency.

Here's how a cesspool works:

  • Waste water flows into the main cesspool.
  • Organic solid waste floats at the top; inorganic sludge settles to the bottom.
  • Natural bacteria living in the main cesspool convert the floating waste into sludge and liquid.
  • The liquid between the "floating solids" and the "sludge" layers flows into the overflow cesspools where it drains through the sides and bottom.
How A Cesspool Works

Why does a cesspool system fail? Excessive sludge and waste build-up!

A cesspool system needs to be checked and cleaned regularly. When a cesspool system is not properly maintained, solids build up in the main cesspool and eventually push through and into the overflow cesspools. This clogs the sand bottoms and can destroy the drainage field. Detergents, toilet cleaners, bleach, anti-bacterial soaps and disinfectants can kill the natural bacteria in the septic system if used in excess. Visit our maintenance page to obtain information on how to keep your system well balanced.

What should I do when my system is full and requires service?

If it is the cesspool system is full or requires service you may elect pumping, aeration and drainage additives to help restore drainage. By following a maintenance schedule and practicing basic water conservation, your system should never reach this critical stage.

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